Part of our commitment to reach the world includes our local community. Martha Lake Baptist Church has strong connections with our neighborhood schools, apartment complexes and homes in the area. We also make our facilities available for community meetings and groups. Most of all, each of us are called to live out a daily witness to what Jesus is doing in our lives!  Jesus' love and redeeming grace shine through our intentional words and actions in our homes, neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, and everywhere we go.


Reaching the world doesn't stop with our local community. The Lord has asked us to deliver His good news to every corner of the earth. Currently for our world missions outreach we are praying for an unreached people group in another part of the world and are praying for God to shine the light of Jesus' Gospel among these people.   

Pray for Missions

Serving to Build Trust
[New Jersey] TIM and ROBIN NUSSBAUMER have been in New Jersey for more than 10 years planting gospel-centered churches. One of Tim’s goals from the beginning has been to partner with local school systems. One elementary school allowed the church to rent school facilities on Sundays, but it still took time to build trust between them and the church. To build this trust, the church cancelled a morning service to instead clean the school and do landscaping. Eventually, this relationship led to a tutoring and ESL class for the families of students. Pray for more church planters to have a heart for the Northeast and support them by giving through the Cooperative Program.

Perfect Timing

[North Africa and Middle East] SEBASTIAN HALAFAX* was trying to find a man named Nadim.* He had met Nadim a few times but did not have his contact information. One night Sebastian, who is supported through the Cooperative Program, walked through one of the city’s hotspots hoping to run into Nadim along the way. Praying as he walked, Sebastian found Nadim waiting to catch a bus. They traded phone numbers and began a deeper friendship. As a result, Sebastian has been able to share the gospel with Nadim. “I marveled at the perfect timing that had to take place for me to meet him that night. I felt certain the Lord orchestrated our meeting.”