how to get gold in rival stars horse racing mobile

When you play Rival Stars Horse Racing, you can earn gold by completing races, winning championships, and breeding horses. You can also collect gold from daily rewards and by completing quests. Additionally, you can purchase gold using real money.

Gold-Earning Strategies in Rival Stars Horse Racing Mobile

Gold is essential for upgrading your horse, hiring jockeys, and participating in races in Rival Stars Horse Racing Mobile. Here are some effective strategies for accumulating gold:

  • Participate in races: Winning races rewards you with significant amounts of gold. Make sure to enter your horse in races that match their abilities.
  • Complete daily challenges: Daily challenges offer gold rewards for completing specific tasks. Check them regularly and strive to complete them all.
  • Sell unwanted items: If you have any unused items in your inventory, such as horse shoes or training materials, you can sell them for gold.
  • Breed horses: Breeding horses can yield offspring that can be sold for a profit. Focus on breeding horses with good stats and bloodlines.
  • Attend events: Special events often offer opportunities to earn gold. Participate in timed challenges, quizzes, or other activities to collect rewards.
  • Watch video ads: You can watch video ads to earn small amounts of gold. This is an easy way to supplement your gold income.

Additionally, consider the following tips to maximize your gold earnings:

ActionGold Earned
Winning a Grade 1 race300,000+
Completing a daily challenge10,000-20,000
Selling a rare horse shoe500-1,000
Breeding a high-stat horse100,000+
Participating in a special eventVaries depending on the event

By implementing these strategies, you can effectively accumulate gold in Rival Stars Horse Racing Mobile and enhance your racing experience.

Races for Maximum Gold

In Rival Stars Horse Racing mobile game, you can earn gold by winning races and completing challenges. However, not all races offer the same gold rewards. Here are some tips for choosing races that will maximize your gold earnings:

  • Higher-Tier Races: Generally, the higher the tier of the race, the greater the gold reward.
  • Feature Races: Feature races, such as the Derby and the Breeders’ Cup, offer significant gold rewards.
  • Classic Races: Classic races, like the Belmont Stakes and the Kentucky Derby, are known for their high gold payouts.
  • Handicap Races: Handicap races aim to level the playing field, offering more generous gold rewards for horses with higher ratings.
  • Special Events: Special events often have lucrative gold rewards as part of their incentives.
    Recommended Race Tiers for Optimal Gold Earnings
    TierGold Rewards
    Tier 1Lowest
    Tier 2Increased
    Tier 3Significanty Higher
    Tier 4Highest

    Remember, it’s not just about choosing the highest-tier races; it’s also about selecting races where your horse has a good chance of winning. Analyze your horse’s stats, the competition, and the track conditions to increase your odds of victory and maximizing your gold earnings.

    Daily Challenges and Quests

    Completing daily challenges and quests is a great way to earn gold in Rival Stars Horse Racing mobile game. Daily challenges are tasks that you can complete each day to earn gold, and quests are longer tasks that you can complete over time to earn larger rewards, including gold.

    Daily Challenges

    • Daily Login: Just for logging in to the game each day, you will earn gold.
    • Daily Race: Enter a race each day and finish in any position to earn gold.
    • Daily Training: Train your horse each day to earn gold.
    • Daily Breeding: Breed two of your horses to earn gold.
    • Daily Sale: Sell a horse in the market to earn gold.


    Quests are longer tasks that you can complete over time to earn larger rewards, including gold. Some examples of quests include the following:

    • Win a race at a specific racetrack
    • Breed a horse with specific stats
    • Train a horse to a specific level

    You can view your current quests by tapping on the “Quests” tab in the main menu. When you complete a quest, you will earn the reward, which may include gold.

    Win a race at the Kentucky Derby100,000 gold
    Breed a horse with a speed stat of 10050,000 gold
    Train a horse to level 5025,000 gold

    Special Event Participation

    Rival Stars Horse Racing Mobile offers various Special Events where you can earn Gold as rewards. These events typically have unique objectives, such as winning specific races or completing breeding challenges. By participating in these events and achieving high rankings, you can earn substantial amounts of Gold.

    And there you have it, folks! With these tips, you’ll be raking in the gold coins like a pro in Rival Stars Horse Racing. Remember, patience and persistence are key. So keep grinding, keep training your horses, and keep winning those races. Thanks for reading, and be sure to check back again soon for more tips and tricks. In the meantime, happy racing!