is there horse racing at the la county fair

The Los Angeles County Fair is an annual event that showcases the region’s agriculture, culture, and entertainment. One of the popular attractions at the fair is horse racing. Visitors can witness the excitement of thoroughbreds competing in various races throughout the fair’s duration. The races are organized by the Los Angeles County Fair Horse Racing Association and feature horses of different ages and breeds. The grandstand offers comfortable seating for spectators, and there are also opportunities for betting on the races.

Equestrian Events at the LA County Fair

The LA County Fair is an annual event that offers a wide range of entertainment, including equestrian events. Here’s what you need to know:

Horse Racing

Yes, there is horse racing at the LA County Fair. The races are held at the infield track at Fairplex Park.

Other Equestrian Events

  • Show Jumping: A thrilling event where horses and riders navigate a course of obstacles.
  • Dressage: A highly skilled discipline that showcases the horse’s obedience, coordination, and athleticism.
  • Western Pleasure: A competition where horses and riders demonstrate their skills in Western horsemanship.
  • Draft Horse Pull: A strength competition where powerful horses pull heavy weights.

Schedule and Tickets

Equestrian events at the LA County Fair typically take place daily throughout the fair’s run. Check the official Fair website for specific schedules and ticket information.

Horse Racing Schedule

Monday61:00 PM
Tuesday712:30 PM
Wednesday812:00 PM
Thursday911:30 AM
Friday1011:00 AM
Saturday1110:30 AM
Sunday1210:00 AM

Horse Races at the Fairgrounds Park

The Los Angeles County Fair, commonly known as the LA County Fair, is an annual event held at Fairplex in Pomona, California. The fair features a wide range of attractions, including concerts, carnival rides, food vendors, and livestock exhibits. One of the most popular attractions at the fair is the horse races.

Horse racing has been a part of the LA County Fair for over a century. The first races were held in 1888, and they have been a staple of the fair ever since. The races are held on a one-mile dirt track, and they feature a variety of breeds, including Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses, and Arabians.

The LA County Fair horse races are a great way to experience the excitement of horse racing in a fun and festive atmosphere. Whether you’re a seasoned racing fan or just looking for a fun day out, the LA County Fair horse races are sure to please.


  • General admission to the LA County Fair includes admission to the horse races.
  • Reserved seating is available for purchase at an additional cost.

Race Schedule

The LA County Fair horse races are held every day of the fair. The races typically begin at 12:00 p.m. and run until 5:00 p.m.


Betting is available on all LA County Fair horse races. There are a variety of ways to bet, including win, place, show, exacta, and trifecta.

Betting Options
Bet TypeDescription
WinThe horse you bet on must finish first.
PlaceThe horse you bet on must finish first or second.
ShowThe horse you bet on must finish first, second, or third.
ExactaThe two horses you bet on must finish first and second in the correct order.
TrifectaThe three horses you bet on must finish first, second, and third in the correct order.

Fairplex Grounds Racetrack Schedule

The Los Angeles County Fair, also known as the LA County Fair, offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy exciting horse races at the Fairplex Grounds Racetrack. The schedule for the upcoming racing season is as follows:

August 20th12:00 PM8
August 21st12:00 PM8
August 22nd12:00 PM8
August 23rd12:00 PM8
August 24th12:00 PM8
August 25th12:00 PM8
August 26th12:00 PM8
August 27th12:00 PM8
August 28th12:00 PM8
August 29th12:00 PM8
August 30th12:00 PM8
August 31st12:00 PM8

The races will be held at the Fairplex Grounds Racetrack, located at 1101 W. McKinley Avenue, Pomona, CA 91768. Admission to the races is included with the general admission ticket to the LA County Fair.

Annual Horse Racing Competitions

The LA County Fair is renowned for its thrilling horse racing events, attracting spectators and enthusiasts year after year. The fairgrounds feature a state-of-the-art racetrack, where skilled jockeys compete for top honors in various races.

Race Categories

  • Thoroughbred Racing
  • Quarter Horse Racing
  • Harness Racing

Schedule and Events

The horse racing season typically runs from late August to mid-September during the LA County Fair. The schedule includes multiple races each day, featuring different distances and categories.

Popular Events

  1. California Breeders’ Champion Stakes: A prestigious race for California-bred horses, offering substantial prize money.
  2. Governor’s Cup: A thrilling Quarter Horse race showcasing the fastest horses in the nation.
  3. Los Alamitos Two-Year-Old Futurity: A highly anticipated race for Thoroughbreds, featuring promising young horses.
  4. Betting and Handicapping

    Betting is available at the racetrack during each race. Visitors can choose from various betting options, including win, place, and show.

    Handicapping is a popular way to predict the outcome of races. It involves analyzing past performances, track conditions, and other factors to determine the potential winners.

    Table of Race Statistics

    California Breeders’ Champion Stakes1 mileDirt$500,000
    Governor’s Cup400 yardsDirt$250,000
    Los Alamitos Two-Year-Old Futurity400 yardsDirt$300,000

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