what channel is horse racing on verizon

If you are a horse racing fan and have Verizon, you can enjoy the excitement of the races on TVG. TVG is a dedicated horse racing channel that offers live coverage of races from across the country and around the world. You can watch TVG on channel 682 on Verizon FiOS. In addition to live races, TVG also offers a variety of horse racing programming, including news, analysis, and interviews. So, if you’re looking for a way to get your horse racing fix, be sure to check out TVG on Verizon FiOS.

Verizon Fios TV Channel Guide

Verizon Fios TV offers a wide variety of channels, including many that broadcast horse racing. Here is a guide to the channels that carry horse racing on Verizon Fios TV:

  • TVG (Channel 612): TVG is a 24/7 horse racing network that broadcasts live races from around the world.
  • FanDuel TV (Channel 613): FanDuel TV is a sports betting network that also broadcasts horse racing.
  • FS1 (Channel 619): FS1 is a sports network that broadcasts live horse racing on weekends.
  • FS2 (Channel 620): FS2 is a sports network that broadcasts live horse racing on weekdays.

In addition to these channels, Verizon Fios TV also offers a number of regional sports networks that may broadcast horse racing.

613FanDuel TV

Horse Racing Coverage on Verizon Fios

Get ready to witness the thrilling races with Verizon Fios, your gateway to a wide range of horse racing channels. If you’re a racing enthusiast, you can access prestigious events and expert commentary right from the comfort of your home.

Available Channels:

  • FS1: Home to the Breeders’ Cup and other premier events.
  • FS2: Exclusive coverage of the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes.
  • TVG: 24/7 horse racing channel featuring live races and betting analysis.
  • TVG2: Sister channel of TVG, offering more live races and simulcasts.
  • HRTV: Longstanding horse racing network with in-depth coverage and betting insights.

Channel Locations:

ChannelChannel Number

With Verizon Fios, you can enjoy the excitement of horse racing any time, anywhere. Tune in to your preferred channels and witness the greatest jockeys and horses compete for glory.

## Live and On-Demand Horse Racing Options on FiOS TV

FiOS TV offers a wide range of live and on-demand horse racing content to suit the needs of racing enthusiasts. Here’s a breakdown of what’s available:

### Live Racing Channels

  • TVG: Features live racing from tracks across the country, as well as betting options.
  • TVG2: A secondary channel offering additional live racing coverage.
  • Horse Racing Radio Network: Provides live commentary and analysis of major races.

### On-Demand Racing Services

  • TVG Replay Channel: Offers replays of recent races, allowing you to catch up on missed events.
  • TVG eCast: Stream live and archived races online or via the TVG app.
  • Horse Racing Video Library: A vast collection of on-demand race videos, including replays, interviews, and race analysis.

### Channel Numbers and Locations

| Channel | Location (Standard Definition) | Location (High Definition) |
| — | — | — |
| TVG | 496 | 1496 |
| TVG2 | 497 | 1497 |
| Horse Racing Radio Network | 383 | 1383 |
| TVG Replay Channel | 498 | 1498 |

### Additional Features

FiOS TV also offers a number of additional features to enhance your horse racing viewing experience:

  • Interactive Race Replays: Allows you to navigate through race replays frame by frame.
  • Bet Tracking: Track your bets and view your winnings history.
  • Handicapping Tools: Provides data and analysis to help you make informed betting decisions.

Horse Racing on Verizon

Horse racing enthusiasts can enjoy both local and national events on Verizon. Whether you’re looking to catch the latest race from your favorite track or tune in to a major tournament, there are several channels available to meet your needs.

Local Horse Racing Events

Verizon offers a variety of regional sports networks (RSNs) that broadcast local horse racing events. The specific channels available in your area will depend on your location and package. Some popular RSNs include:

  • NBC Sports Philadelphia
  • YES Network
  • Fox Sports Net
  • Root Sports
  • Spectrum SportsNet

National Horse Racing Events

For national horse racing events, Verizon customers can tune in to the following channels:

  • TVG: Dedicated horse racing network with live coverage of major races and tournaments
  • Fox Sports 1 (FS1): Features live coverage of top races, including the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes
  • NBC Sports Network (NBCSN): Broadcasts select races, including the Belmont Stakes
  • ESPN: Occasionally airs coverage of major horse racing events

You can also find schedules and replays of horse racing events on the Verizon Fios TV website or app.

Channel Guide

Here is a summary of the channels that offer horse racing coverage on Verizon:

ChannelHorse Racing Coverage
NBC Sports PhiladelphiaLocal horse racing events
YES NetworkLocal horse racing events
Fox Sports NetLocal horse racing events
Root SportsLocal horse racing events
Spectrum SportsNetLocal horse racing events
TVGDedicated horse racing network
Fox Sports 1 (FS1)Live coverage of top races
NBC Sports Network (NBCSN)Select races, including the Belmont Stakes
ESPNOccasionally airs coverage of major events

Well, there you have it, folks! Now you know exactly what channel to tune into on Verizon if you’re hankerin’ for some top-notch horse racing action. Thanks for stickin’ with me through this whirlwind tour of the racing channels. If you’re still craving more equestrian adventures, be sure to drop by again soon. I’ll be waiting here with more exciting updates and insights into the world of horse racing. Until then, keep your bets safe and your excitement high!