what does b mean in horse racing form

In horse racing form, the letter “b” represents a “blinker” placed on a horse during a race. Blinkers are devices that restrict a horse’s field of vision, preventing it from seeing other horses in its peripheral vision. This can help to improve focus and prevent the horse from getting distracted by other horses or objects around the track. Blinkers are typically used on horses that are prone to being distracted or nervous during races.

Types of Horse Racing Forms

In horse racing, a form is a record of a horse’s past performances. It can be used to help handicappers make informed decisions about which horses to bet on.

Several different types of horse racing forms are available. The most common type is the Daily Racing Form (DRF). The DRF is published daily and includes information on all the races that are being run that day at tracks around the country.

Another popular type of horse racing form is the Equibase Past Performances. Equibase Past Performances are published weekly and include information on all the races that have been run in the past week at tracks around the country.

In addition to the DRF and Equibase Past Performances, several other horse racing forms are available, including:

  • The Brisnet Ultimate Past Performances
  • The TimeformUS Past Performances
  • The DRF Formulator

Each type of horse racing form has its own unique features and benefits. It is important to find a form that meets your individual needs and preferences.

Horse racing forms can be a valuable tool for handicappers. By studying the past performances of horses, handicappers can gain insights into their strengths and weaknesses. This information can then be used to make informed decisions about which horses to bet on.

B in Horse Racing Forms

The letter “B” in horse racing forms typically indicates that the horse is wearing blinkers. Blinkers are a type of equipment that is placed on a horse’s head to restrict its field of vision. This can help to improve the horse’s focus and prevent it from being distracted by other horses or objects on the track.

EEquipment change

Breaking Down Form Symbols

In horse racing, understanding form symbols is essential for analyzing a horse’s past performances and predicting its future success. One of the most common symbols you’ll encounter is the letter “B,” which indicates a type of race finish.

  • Beat: The horse finished ahead of the horse listed immediately below it in the form.

Betting Based on Form Analysis

The “b” in horse racing form refers to the runner’s bridle. It indicates the type of bit or bridle that the horse will be wearing during the race.

Bridle Types

  • B – Blinkers
  • B4 – Blinkers with four nostrils exposed
  • BB – Full blinkers
  • V – Visor
  • n – Noseband
  • cb – Cheeky blinkers
  • p – Peaked bridle


Blinkers are devices that limit a horse’s peripheral vision, which can help them to focus on the race and avoid distractions. They can be used to improve the horse’s concentration and prevent them from becoming distracted by other horses or objects on the track.

Blinkers can be effective in improving the performance of some horses, but they can also have a negative impact on others. It is important to consider the individual horse’s temperament and racing style when deciding whether to use blinkers.

Other Bridle Types

  • Visors are similar to blinkers, but they only cover the horse’s eyes, leaving their peripheral vision unobstructed.
  • Nosebands are used to control the horse’s head and prevent them from tossing it.
  • Cheeky blinkers are a combination of blinkers and cheekpieces, which can help to prevent the horse from grabbing the bit.
  • Peaked bridles are designed to keep the horse’s head up and focused on the track.

Table of Bridle Types

Bridle TypeDescription
B4Blinkers with four nostrils exposed
BBFull blinkers
cbCheeky blinkers
pPeaked bridle

Understanding Key Horse Racing Jargon

Horse racing is a thrilling sport with a rich vocabulary of its own. Understanding the jargon used by experts is essential for deciphering horse racing forms and making informed bets. One of the most common terms you’ll encounter is “b,” which appears alongside other letters and symbols to indicate various factors about the horse.

“b” in Horse Racing Form

The letter “b” in horse racing form typically refers to the surface on which the horse has performed best. It can also indicate a horse’s blinkers or other gear.


  • d: Dirt
  • t: Turf
  • b: Either dirt or turf


  • b: Blinkers
  • e: Earplugs
  • t: Tongue tie

In addition to “b,” you’ll often see other letters and symbols in horse racing forms. Here’s a quick reference table:

hHorse fell during the race
jJockey change
sScratched from the race
tTrack condition
wWon the race

By understanding this key jargon, you’ll be better equipped to navigate horse racing forms and make informed bets. Remember to consult official sources for the most up-to-date information and consult with experts if you have any further questions.

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