what does f mean in horse racing form

In horse racing, the “f” in form refers to the horse’s past performances. It provides information about the horse’s recent results, including its finishing position, time, and any factors that may have affected its performance. This data allows handicappers to assess a horse’s current form, consistency, and potential for future success. By studying a horse’s f, bettors can gain insights into its strengths, weaknesses, and suitability for the upcoming race.

Fractional Times

The “f” in horse racing form stands for fractional times. These are the times a horse runs at various points during a race, typically at each quarter-mile (furlong) mark.

  • The first fractional time is often referred to as the “opening quarter”.
  • The second fractional time is called the “half-mile”.
  • The third fractional time is the “three-quarters”.
  • The final fractional time is the “stretch” or “final time”.

Fractional times can be used to:

  • Gauge a horse’s speed and stamina.
  • Identify early leaders and closers.
  • Compare the performances of different horses in the same race.
Fractional TimeDescription
Opening QuarterThe time it takes a horse to run the first quarter-mile of the race.
Half-MileThe time it takes a horse to run the second quarter-mile of the race.
Three-QuartersThe time it takes a horse to run the third quarter-mile of the race.
Stretch/Final TimeThe time it takes a horse to run the final quarter-mile of the race.


The letter ‘F’, like many other form factors, is used to describe a horse’s position in a horse race. ‘F’ signifies that a horse finished in the first five positions. Here’s a breakdown of the common position indicators used in horse racing form:

  • 1st: First place
  • 2nd: Second place
  • 3rd: Third place
  • 4th: Fourth place
  • 5th: Fifth place
  • F: Finished in the first five positions
  • P: Placed (finished in the top three positions)
  • U: Unplaced (finished outside the top five positions)

These indicators are essential when reading horse racing form as they provide vital information about a horse’s past performance and finishing position in previous races.

Fast or Furlong

In horse racing form, the letter “F” can have two different meanings, depending on the context.


  • When used in the “Timeform” section, “F” indicates that a horse raced with a very fast early pace.


  • When used in the “Distance” section, “F” is an abbreviation for “furlong,” which is a unit of distance equal to one-eighth of a mile (201.17 meters).
FastTimeform section
FurlongDistance section


In horse racing form, the letter “F” is used to indicate a horse’s finish position in a race.

  • F1: First place
  • F2: Second place
  • F3: Third place
  • F4: Fourth place
  • F5: Fifth place

The “F” is followed by the horse’s finishing time in minutes, seconds, and hundredths of a second (e.g., F1 2:05.56).

Finish PositionNotation

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