what does nb mean in horse racing

Nb is short for non-betting. It indicates that a horse is not expected to win or place in a race and is therefore not eligible for betting. This designation is often used to identify horses who are running for experience, to improve their fitness, or to prepare for a future race.

NB in Horse Racing: What It Means

In horse racing, NB stands for “non-bettable.” It indicates that a horse is not eligible to be bet on in a particular race. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including:

  • The horse is not of the correct age or sex for the race.
  • The horse has not met the entry requirements for the race.
  • The horse has been scratched from the race.

If you see NB next to a horse’s name in a race program, it means that you cannot bet on that horse. You will need to choose another horse to bet on.

When to Avoid NB Horses

There are a few situations where you should avoid betting on NB horses:

  • When there are a lot of other horses in the race. If there are 10 horses in a race and one of them is NB, your chances of winning are slim. It’s better to bet on one of the other horses that are eligible to bet on.
  • When the NB horse is not well-matched for the race. If the NB horse is a sprinter and the race is a distance race, it’s unlikely that the horse will win. It’s better to bet on a horse that is well-matched for the race.

When NB Horses Can Be a Good Bet

There are some situations where betting on an NB horse can be a good strategy:

  • When the NB horse is a long shot. If the NB horse is a long shot, it means that the odds of winning are high. This can make it a good value bet, especially if the horse has a chance to win.
  • When the NB horse is well-matched for the race. If the NB horse is well-matched for the race, it means that the horse has a good chance of winning. This can make it a good value bet, even if the horse is not the favorite.


NB horses can be a good or bad bet, depending on the situation. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons before placing a bet on an NB horse.

Many other horses in raceAvoid NB horse
NB horse not well-matched for raceAvoid NB horse
NB horse is long shotConsider betting on NB horse
NB horse is well-matched for raceConsider betting on NB horse

NB: No Betting Interest

In horse racing, NB (no betting interest) indicates that the horse has not attracted enough interest from bettors to warrant a betting market. This usually happens when a horse is considered a long shot or has little chance of winning.

There are several reasons why a horse might be NB:

  • Lack of Form: The horse has not performed well in recent races.
  • Pedigree: The horse’s bloodlines suggest a low likelihood of success.
  • Trainer/Jockey: The horse’s trainer or jockey has a poor record.
  • Conditions: The horse may not be suited to the race distance, surface, or conditions.

It’s important to note that NB does not necessarily mean the horse will not win. It simply indicates that there is not enough betting interest to create a market.

NB vs. Other Market Designations
NBNo betting interest
SPStarting price
OUTHorse is not running

No Betting

NB in horse racing signifies “no bet,” meaning the horse will not run. It is typically used when a horse is withdrawn from a race due to injury or other reasons. Bettors who have placed bets on that horse will have their bets refunded.

There are several reasons why a horse may be withdrawn from a race:

  • Injury
  • Sickness
  • Unsatisfactory track conditions
  • Trainer’s discretion

When a horse is withdrawn from a race, the jockey assigned to that horse will ride as an “extra” or substitute. The extra horse will be listed in the racing program with an “E” next to its name.

Horse Racing Terms
NBNo wagering
ExtraSubstitute horse
EExtra horse

What Does NB Mean in Horse Racing?

In horse racing, “NB” stands for “no-hoper”, a term used to describe a horse that is considered unlikely to win or perform well in a race. Here’s a breakdown of what “NB” means in horse racing:


A “no-hoper” is a horse that is not expected to win or finish in the top three positions in a race. This could be due to various factors, such as poor past performance, a lack of experience, or an unsuitable track or distance.

  • Horses with a history of poor form
  • Horses running in a race that is too competitive for their level
  • Horses making their racing debut against more experienced rivals

In some cases, a horse may be labeled a “no-hoper” as a piece of handicapping strategy. By identifying and betting against “no-hopers,” bettors can potentially improve their chances of success.

CharacteristicNB (No-hoper)Other Horse
Win ProbabilityLow to negligibleReasonable or high
Past PerformanceConsistently underperformingConsistent or improving
ExperienceInexperienced or unsuited to conditionsExperienced or suitable for the race

Well there you have it, my friend! Now you can confidently navigate the racetrack, deciphering the enigmatic “NB” designation like a pro. Remember, the next time you’re trackside, don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions. The friendly atmosphere and shared passion for the sport will make you feel right at home. Thanks for joining me on this equestrian adventure. Be sure to come back and visit me soon for more insights and insider tips from the world of thoroughbred racing!