what does quinella mean in horse racing

In horse racing, a quinella is a type of wager where you bet on the first two horses to finish a race in any order. You win if both of your selected horses finish in the top two, regardless of which horse comes first or second. Quinella bets are popular because they offer a higher chance of winning compared to a win bet, where you have to correctly predict the winner of the race. However, the potential payout for a quinella bet is usually lower than for a win bet, as there are more possible combinations for the top two finishers.

Quinella in Horse Racing

A quinella is a type of horse racing bet where you select two horses to finish in the top two positions, regardless of which horse wins. This bet pays out if both of your selections finish in the top two spots, no matter the order.

Selecting the First and Second Place Finishers

When selecting horses for a quinella bet, there are a few factors to consider:

  • Form: Check the horses’ recent race results to see how they have been performing.
  • Jockey: Consider the skill and experience of the jockeys riding the horses.
  • Track conditions: Take into account the track conditions, such as the surface and weather.
  • Field size: The larger the field, the more difficult it is to predict the top two finishers.

Once you have considered these factors, you can narrow down your choices and make your selections.

Example of a Quinella Bet

Let’s say you have selected horses 1 and 3 for a quinella bet. If the race finishes with horse 1 in first place and horse 3 in second place, or horse 3 in first place and horse 1 in second place, your bet will pay out.

Payout Table

The payout for a quinella bet varies depending on the odds of the horses you select. Here is an example of a payout table:

1/2$1.20 for every $1 bet
5/2$3.50 for every $1 bet
10/1$11 for every $1 bet

Quinella Betting in Horse Racing

A quinella bet is a type of wager in horse racing where you are not only trying to pick the winner but also the horse that will come 2nd place. Quinella bets are generally more popular with novice bettors because they are easier to win than a straight win bet. Unlike a straight win bet where you have to correctly guess the winner of the race, in a quinella bet, you are only trying to find the top 2 horses in the race regardless of their order. This makes quinella bets a more attractive option for bettors, especially if they are new to horse racing.

Payouts and Odds

Payouts for quinella bets are generally lower than win bets, but they can be profitable if you pick the correct horses. The odds for a quinella bet will vary depending on the number of horses in the race, the popularity of the horses, and the betting pool. However, you can expect to receive a higher payout for a quinella bet on a race with a smaller field of horses.

Here is a table showing the average payouts for quinella bets:

Number of HorsesAverage Payout
6 or less$3-$4
13 or more$8-$10

What Does ‘QUINella’ Mean in Horse Racing?

The term ‘quinella’ refers to a type of bet in horse racing where bettors try to correctly predict the first and second-place finishers of a race, regardless of the order. It is a popular and exciting form of horse racing bet that offers the chance to win substantial returns, with the potential payouts dependent on the odds of the horses selected and the number of other bettors participating in the pool. Those who correctly select both the winners receive a portion of the total pool, which is determined by the amount bet and the number of winning tickets.

Variations of ‘QUINella’ Bets

There are several different variations of the basic ‘quinella’ bet, including:

– Exact QUINella: With an exact ‘quinella’ bettors select the exact order of the first and second-place finishers. The payouts for this type of bet are typically higher, as it is more difficult to predict the exact order of the finishers.

– Box QUINella: In a box ‘quinella’ bet, bettors select multiple horses to finish in first and second place. This type of bet is less risky than an exact ‘quinella’ bet, but the payouts are correspondingly lower.

– Place QUINella: A place ‘quinella’ bet is similar an exact ‘quinella’ bet, except that it does not matter which horse the bettor selects as the winner and which horse they select as the runner-up. As long as they correctly select the first two finishers, they will receive a share of the pool.

– Superfecta: A superfecta is a type of bet that requires bettors to select the first finishers of a race. It is a more complex and risky type of bet, but it also offers the potential for much higher payouts.

Quinella Betting in Horse Racing

Quinella betting is a type of wager where you pick the top two finishers in a race, in any order. It’s a popular bet for those who want to increase their chances of winning, as it’s easier to predict two horses to finish in the top two than to pick the exact order of finish.

Quinella bets are typically paid out at lower odds than win, place, or show bets, but they offer a higher probability of winning. The payout for a quinella bet is determined by the number of horses in the race and the number of bets placed.

Strategy for Quinella Betting

  • Consider the number of horses in the race. The more horses in the race, the harder it will be to pick the top two finishers.
  • Look for horses that are running well. Check the past performances of the horses in the race to see how they have been performing lately.
  • Consider the track conditions. The track conditions can affect how horses perform. For example, a wet track can favor horses that are good in the mud.
  • Manage your bankroll. Quinella bets can be expensive, so it’s important to manage your bankroll carefully.
  • Shop around for the best odds. Different betting sites offer different odds on quinella bets. It’s worth shopping around to find the best odds before placing your bet.
    Number of HorsesPayout
    12 or more$24-$30

    Well, that’s all there is to know about the quinella in horse racing. Hopefully, this article has helped you better understand this popular betting type. Remember, it’s all about picking the top two finishers in the right order. So next time you’re at the track, give the quinella a try. You might just be surprised at how much fun it can be. Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to come back again soon for more horse racing tips and insights.