what does scr mean in horse racing

In horse racing, SCR stands for “scratch” or “scratched.” It indicates that a horse has been withdrawn from a race before the start. This can happen for various reasons, such as illness, injury, poor performance in workouts, or a trainer’s decision to protect the horse’s health or give it a break. When a horse is scratched, it is no longer eligible to run in the race and will not be included in the betting pools. The race will proceed with the remaining horses, and the odds and payouts will be adjusted accordingly.

What Does SCR Mean in Horse Racing?

In horse racing, the abbreviation “SCR” is commonly used to denote a horse that has been scratched from a race. Scratching occurs when a horse is removed from a race before it begins, usually due to an injury, illness, or other unforeseen circumstances.

A scratched horse is not eligible to compete in the race, and all bets placed on that horse are refunded. The decision to scratch a horse is made by the trainer or owner, often in consultation with the veterinarian.

Reasons for Scratching

  • Injury
  • Illness
  • Unsatisfactory performance in warm-up
  • Equipment malfunction
  • Weather conditions

Consequences of Scratching

  • Bets on the scratched horse are refunded
  • The horse is not eligible to compete in the race
  • The odds for the remaining horses may change


Another abbreviation that may be encountered in horse racing is “DNS,” which stands for “did not start.” DNS is used to indicate a horse that was entered into the race but did not actually start for any reason, including scratching.

DNSDid not start

SCR in Horse Racing

SCR, short for scratch, is a term used in horse racing to indicate that a horse has been withdrawn from a race.


Also-eligible (AE) horses are those that have been entered into a race but are not guaranteed a starting position. If a horse that is already in the race scratches, an AE horse may be allowed to take its place.

  • AE horses are assigned a number in the race program, just like the other horses.
  • If an AE horse is allowed to start, it will be placed in the gate in the spot that was originally assigned to the scratched horse.
  • AE horses do not always get to start, even if there are scratches. The number of AE horses that are allowed to start depends on the race conditions.

SCR Meaning in Horse Racing

SCR stands for “Scratch” in horse racing. It indicates that a horse has been withdrawn from a race before the start. There are various reasons why a horse may be scratched, including:

  • Injury or illness
  • Unsatisfactory performance in previous races
  • Trainer’s decision to rest the horse
  • Failure to meet eligibility requirements


A forfeit is a sum of money that a horse owner or trainer must pay if their horse is scratched from a race after the closing of entries. The forfeit is typically a percentage of the race’s purse and serves as a deterrent against late scratches.

SCR ReasonForfeit Amount
Injury or illness10%
Unsatisfactory performance50%
Trainer’s decision75%
Failure to meet eligibility100%

Scr: Scratch

In horse racing, “scr” stands for “scratch”. A scratch is when a horse is withdrawn from a race before it begins. There are many reasons why a horse might be scratched, including:

  • Injury or illness
  • Poor performance in training
  • Owner or trainer’s decision
  • Weather conditions

When a horse is scratched, it is removed from the race and its betting interest is refunded. The remaining horses in the race are then adjusted accordingly.

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Injury or illnessThe horse is injured or ill and cannot race.
Poor performance in trainingThe horse has not been performing well in training and is not expected to perform well in the race.
Owner or trainer’s decisionThe owner or trainer has decided to scratch the horse for personal reasons.
Weather conditionsThe weather conditions are not suitable for the horse to race.

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