what does sh mean in horse racing

In horse racing, the term “sh” signifies a short head, indicating that the winning horse has triumphed narrowly over its rival. This is the narrowest possible margin of victory, with the winning horse’s nose leading the second-place finisher’s nostrils at the finish line. It represents a thrilling and close contest, where the victor emerges with only a slight advantage.

What Does SH Mean in Horse Racing?

SH stands for Super Highweight in horse racing. It is a weight assignment given to horses that are carrying significantly more weight than the standard weight for their age and sex. Super Highweights are typically assigned to horses that have won multiple races or have shown exceptional ability. The extra weight is meant to level the playing field and give other horses a chance to compete.

Weight Assignments for Super Highweights

  • 3-year-olds: 138 pounds
  • 4-year-olds and up: 142 pounds

How Super Highweights are Determined

Horses are assigned Super Highweight status by the handicapper. The handicapper considers a number of factors when making this decision, including:

  • The horse’s past performance
  • The horse’s current form
  • The weight of the other horses in the race

Advantages and Disadvantages of Super Highweights

There are both advantages and disadvantages to being assigned Super Highweight status.


  • Super Highweights are given a chance to prove themselves against the best horses in the race.
  • Super Highweights can earn more money if they win or place.


  • Super Highweights have to carry more weight than the other horses in the race, which can make it difficult to win.
  • Super Highweights may be at a disadvantage if the race is run on a soft track.

Notable Super Highweights

John Henry1977-198439

Standard Handicap

Standard Handicap (SH) is a handicapping system used in horse racing to level the playing field between horses of different abilities. The SH is assigned to each horse based on its past performances, and it determines how much weight the horse must carry in a race. The higher the SH, the more weight the horse must carry.

The SH is calculated using a variety of factors, including the horse’s:

  • Past performances
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Weight
  • Distance of the race
  • Type of race

The SH is used to ensure that all horses in a race have an equal chance of winning. The horse with the highest SH will carry the most weight, while the horse with the lowest SH will carry the least weight. This helps to level the playing field and make the race more competitive.

SHWeight (lbs)

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Selling Hurdle

Selling hurdles are a type of horse race in which the horses are sold after the race. This type of race is common in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and it is typically run over a distance of two to three miles.

  • The horses in a selling hurdle race are typically owned by trainers or owners who are looking to sell them.
  • The horses are sold after the race to the highest bidder.
  • The proceeds from the sale of the horses are divided between the owner and the trainer.

Selling hurdles are a popular way to buy and sell horses, as they provide an opportunity for buyers to purchase a horse that has already been proven to be able to compete at a high level.

Can be a good way to buy a horse that has already been proven to be able to compete at a high level.The horses in a selling hurdle race are typically owned by trainers or owners who are looking to sell them, so they may not be the best horses in the field.

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