what does tvg stand for in horse racing

TVG, short for The Video Gaming Technologies, was founded in 1999 in Louisiana. As a leader in advance deposit wagering, TVG allows patrons to wager on horse races and other events around the world from their computers or mobile devices. TVG offers a multitude of wagering options such as win, place, show, exacta, and trifecta bets, as well as access to live race video streams and expert handicapping analysis.

TVG: The Racing Network

TVG is a popular horse racing television network that broadcasts live races from around the world. It was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Saratoga Springs, New York. TVG is available on a variety of platforms, including cable television, satellite television, and online streaming.

Here are some of the key features of TVG:

  • Over 150 live races per day
  • Expert handicapping and analysis
  • Betting options and wagering information
  • Exclusive interviews and features
  • Horse racing news and updates

TVG also offers a variety of ways to wager on horse races, including:

  1. Online betting
  2. Phone betting
  3. Mobile betting

Here is a table summarizing the different ways you can watch and wager on TVG:

PlatformHow to watchHow to bet
Cable televisionSpectrumTVG website or app
Satellite televisionDish NetworkTVG website or app
Online streamingTVG website or appTVG website or app

Thoroughbred Video Group

TVG is an acronym for Thoroughbred Video Group, a popular horse racing television network. It was founded in 1999 and is now owned by Betfair US.

TVG’s Coverage

  • Live horse races from around the world
  • Expert analysis and commentary
  • Interviews with jockeys, trainers, and owners
  • Horse racing news and updates

TVG’s Features

  • High-definition video streaming
  • Interactive wagering platform
  • Mobile app for live streaming and betting
  • Customer support 24/7

TVG’s Availability

TVG is available on cable and satellite TV, as well as online and through mobile apps.

United StatesCable, satellite, online, mobile
CanadaCable, satellite, online
United KingdomOnline


TVG stands for The Video Gaming Technologies. It is a satellite television network that broadcasts horse racing and other gambling-related programming. TVG was founded in 1999 and is available in over 200 million homes worldwide.

Satellite TV

TVG is broadcast via satellite television. This means that you need a satellite dish and receiver in order to watch TVG. Satellite TV is not available in all areas, so you should check with your local provider to see if it is available in your area.

Benefits of Satellite TV

  • Satellite TV offers a wide variety of channels, including TVG.
  • Satellite TV is not affected by weather conditions.
  • Satellite TV can be installed in remote areas.

Disadvantages of Satellite TV

  • Satellite TV can be expensive to install.
  • Satellite TV requires a clear view of the sky.
  • Satellite TV can be affected by trees and other obstructions.

TVG: The Ultimate Guide

TVG, an acronym for The Video Gaming Technologies, is a prominent player in the world of horse racing. It’s a renowned provider of live horse racing broadcasts and wagering services, offering a comprehensive range of racing content and betting options to its users.

Key Points about TVG

  • Live broadcasts of horse races from various tracks worldwide
  • Extensive coverage of major racing events and international races
  • Detailed analysis and commentary by expert handicappers
  • Multiple wagering options, including win, place, show, exacta, and trifecta bets
  • Convenient mobile and online betting platforms

TVG’s Unique Features


Pace Predictor

Visual representation of the expected pace of a race, based on historical data

Expert Picks

Recommendations from experienced handicappers, helping bettors make informed choices

Scratch Protection

Protection for bets placed on horses that are scratched (removed) from a race

Mobile App

Convenient and user-friendly betting platform available on smartphones and tablets

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