what is a post time in horse racing

In horse racing, post time refers to the specific time when the starting gate opens, signaling the beginning of the race. It is a pivotal moment that marks the commencement of the competition and determines the official order of finish for each horse in the race. The post time is typically announced by a track announcer and may vary slightly from the originally scheduled time due to unforeseen circumstances or adjustments made by the race officials.

Post Time in Horse Racing

Post time is the scheduled time for a horse race to start. It is typically announced several minutes before the race and is when the starting gate opens and the horses begin running.

Post Time in Thoroughbred Racing

  • Post time for Thoroughbred races is typically set by the track’s management and is based on a number of factors, including the length of the race, the number of horses entered, and the weather conditions.
  • Post times can vary slightly from race to race, but they are generally within a few minutes of the scheduled time.
  • Horses that arrive at the starting gate after post time are typically scratched from the race.
Post Times for Different Race Distances
Race DistancePost Time
1 mile2:00 PM
1 1/16 miles2:30 PM
1 1/8 miles3:00 PM
1 1/4 miles3:30 PM
1 3/8 miles4:00 PM
1 1/2 miles4:30 PM

Post Time in Horse Racing

Post time is the scheduled time for a horse race to start. It is typically set by the racetrack management and is announced in advance. Post times are important for bettors, as they allow them to place their bets before the race starts.

There are a few different types of post times in horse racing:

  • Official post time: This is the time that is used for official purposes, such as determining the winner of the race.
  • Approximate post time: This is the time that is announced to the public. It is usually within a few minutes of the official post time.
  • Actual post time: This is the time that the race actually starts.

There are a number of factors that can affect post time, including:

  • The weather
  • The condition of the track
  • The number of horses in the race
  • The speed of the horses

Post times can also be affected by delays, such as scratches or equipment problems.

Post Time in Quarter Horse Racing

Quarter horse racing is a type of horse racing that is run over a distance of 440 yards (402 meters). Quarter horse races are typically very fast, with the horses reaching speeds of up to 55 miles per hour (89 kilometers per hour).

The post time for a quarter horse race is typically set at 10 seconds after the horses leave the starting gate. This gives the horses enough time to get up to speed before they reach the first turn.

The following table shows the typical post times for quarter horse races:

DistancePost Time
440 yards10 seconds
660 yards12 seconds
870 yards14 seconds

Post Time in Horse Racing

In horse racing, post time refers to the exact moment when the starting gate opens, releasing the horses to begin the race. It is a crucial time for bettors, as the odds and payouts are often determined based on the horses’ performance at the start of the race.

Establishing Post Time

  • Setting the Time: The race director determines post time based on various factors, including the race distance, track conditions, and the number of horses entered.
  • Countdown Clock: A countdown clock visible to the jockeys and spectators displays the time remaining until post time.
  • Bell or Horn: Typically, a bell or horn sounds just before post time to signal that the horses are about to be released.

Once post time arrives, the starting gate opens, and the horses sprint out of the starting gate.

Table: Factors Affecting Post Time

FactorImpact on Post Time
Race DistanceLonger races may have a slightly earlier post time to allow for more time for the horses to complete the course.
Track ConditionsSlippery or muddy tracks may necessitate a later post time to ensure safety.
Number of HorsesRaces with a large number of horses may have a slightly later post time to allow for all the horses to line up properly.

Post Time in Horse Racing

Post time is the designated start time for a horse race. It’s the moment when:

  • Gates open
  • Horses are released to the track
  • Race officially begins

Post time is crucial for:

  • Setting betting deadlines
  • Starting the race on schedule
  • Determining the official race results

Post Time and Betting

Post time plays a vital role in horse race betting:

  • Closing of Betting: Betting officially closes when the “all clear” signal is given shortly before post time.
  • Disqualification: If a horse is disqualified after post time, it will not be refunded, even if it did not race.
  • Late Bets: Late bets may be accepted up to the “off” signal, which is just before the gates open.
Bet TypeCan Be Placed After Post Time
Daily DoubleNo
Pick 3No
Pick 4No
Pick 5No
Pick 6No

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