what is hisa in horse racing

Hisa stands for Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority. It is a regulatory agency that was created in 2020 to oversee the horse racing industry in the United States. The goal of Hisa is to improve the safety and integrity of the sport by enforcing uniform rules and regulations across all racing jurisdictions. Hisa has the authority to license trainers, jockeys, and other racing personnel, as well as to conduct drug testing and enforce medication regulations. It also sets safety standards for racetracks and equipment, and investigates racing-related injuries and fatalities.

HISA: Horse Racing’s Integrity and Safety Authority

The Horse Racing Integrity and Safety Act (HISA) is a comprehensive federal law that creates the first-ever national anti-doping and medication control program for American horse racing, along with other important safety and welfare reforms.

HISA was signed into law in December 2020 and went into effect on July 1, 2022. The law establishes the Horse Racing Integrity and Safety Authority (HISA), an independent, non-profit organization responsible for implementing and enforcing the new rules.

Structure and Governance of HISA

  • Board of Directors: The HISA Board of Directors is a 15-member panel that oversees the organization’s operations. The Board includes representatives from various segments of the horse racing industry, including owners, trainers, jockeys, veterinarians, and racetrack operators.
  • CEO: The CEO is the chief executive officer of HISA and is responsible for the organization’s day-to-day operations.
  • Advisory Committees: HISA has established several advisory committees to provide input on specific areas, such as anti-doping, medication control, and safety.
Members of the HISA Board of Directors
Charles Scheeler (Chair)Owner
Clay Patrick (Vice Chair)Trainer
John Velazquez (Secretary)Jockey
Sue FinleyOwner
D. Wayne LukasTrainer
Javier CastellanoJockey
Dr. Dionne BensonVeterinarian
Dr. Mary ScollayVeterinarian
Ed MartinRacetrack Operator
Joe AppelbaumRacetrack Operator
David O’RourkePublic Member
Staci HancockPublic Member
Dr. Rick ArthurPublic Member
Sarah BillingsPublic Member
Carolyn SapoznikPublic Member

HISA: A New Era in Horse Racing

The Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act (HISA) is a major law passed in 2020 that aims to transform the horse racing industry in the United States. HISA creates a national anti-doping and medication control program, uniform safety standards, and independent oversight to protect horses and jockeys and enhance the integrity of the sport.

HISA’s Impact on Horse Racing

  • Enhanced Doping Control: HISA establishes a strict anti-doping program that includes mandatory testing, penalties for violations, and the creation of a centralized database of prohibited substances.
  • Improved Safety Standards: HISA sets minimum safety standards for tracks, equipment, and jockeys, including requirements for track surfaces, fall safety equipment, and jockey safety vests.
  • Independent Oversight: The Act creates an independent Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority (HISA) to oversee the anti-doping and safety programs and ensure compliance with the law.
  • Increased Transparency: HISA requires the reporting of all injuries, medications, and other relevant data to create a more transparent and accountable system.
  • Accountability: The law holds individuals and organizations accountable for violations, with penalties ranging from fines to suspensions.

Table of Key Points

AreaKey Points
Anti-DopingMandatory testing, centralized database of prohibited substances, penalties for violations
SafetyMinimum standards for tracks, equipment, and jockeys, track inspector certification
OversightIndependent Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority, data reporting
EnforcementAccountability for violations, penalties for non-compliance
TransparencyReporting of injuries, medications, and other relevant data

HISA: The Horse Racing Integrity and Safety Authority

The Horse Racing Integrity and Safety Authority (HISA) is a recently established federal agency that regulates horse racing in the United States. It was created in response to growing concerns about the safety and integrity of the sport, including issues such as doping, medication abuse, and race-fixing. HISA is responsible for developing and enforcing uniform rules for all horse races held in the U.S., as well as conducting investigations and imposing penalties for violations.

Controversies Surrounding HISA

HISA has been a controversial agency since its inception. Some people argue that it is necessary to protect the welfare of horses and the integrity of the sport, while others believe that it is an overreach of federal authority that will stifle innovation and competition.

  • Lack of Transparency: Some critics argue that HISA has been secretive in its operations, making it difficult for the public to understand its decisions and hold it accountable.
  • Unfair Penalties: Others contend that HISA’s penalties are too harsh and can unfairly punish trainers and owners for minor violations.
  • State Rights: Some states have resisted HISA’s authority, arguing that it infringes on their own laws and regulations
CriticismSpecific Issue
Lack of TransparencyClosed-door meetings, limited access to records
Unfair PenaltiesSuspension of trainers for first-time offenses, large fines
State RightsConflict with existing state racing commissions

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