what is wps in horse racing

WPS, or “win-place-show,” is a type of wager in horse racing where bettors predict which horses will finish in the top three positions. The winnings are distributed differently depending on the outcome: if the horse wins, the bettor receives a fixed payout; if the horse places (finishes second), the payout is lower than the win payout; and if the horse shows (finishes third), the payout is even lower than the place payout. WPS wagers are popular among both experienced and novice bettors as they offer a chance to win money even if the horse does not win the race outright.
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What is WPS in Horse Racing?

WPS, short for win-place-show, is a popular betting type in horse racing where you bet on a horse to finish either first (win), second (place), or third (show). It’s a less risky bet than betting on a horse to win outright, but it also pays out less.

Odds and Payouts in WPS

The odds for a WPS bet depend on the number of horses in the race and the perceived chances of each horse. The more horses in the race, the lower the odds will be. Similarly, the more favored a horse is, the lower its odds will be.

Payouts for WPS bets vary depending on the track and the number of horses in the race. However, a typical payout for a win bet is around 2:1, while a place bet pays out around 1:1 and a show bet pays out around 1:2.

Below is an example of how the payouts might work in a 10-horse race:

Bet TypeOddsPayout
Win4:1$40 for every $10 bet
Place2:1$20 for every $10 bet
Show1:1$10 for every $10 bet

As you can see, the payouts get progressively smaller as the risk of the bet decreases. However, even a show bet can be profitable if you pick the right horse.

What is WPS Betting?

WPS betting, also known as “Win, Place, Show,” is a type of wagering in horse racing where you can bet on a horse to win, place (finish second), or show (finish third). It’s a more forgiving bet than simply betting on a horse to win, as you have a chance to win even if your horse doesn’t come in first.

Advantages of WPS Betting


More chances to win

  • With WPS betting, you have three chances to win on a single bet.
  • This makes it a great option for beginners or those who don’t want to take as much risk.


Lower payouts

  • WPS bets typically pay out less than win-only bets.
  • This is because you’re not just betting on your horse to win, but also on it to place or show.


Variety of betting options

  • WPS bets can be made in a variety of ways.
  • You can bet on a single horse to win, place, or show, or you can make a combination bet that includes multiple horses.

How to make a WPS Bet

To make a WPS bet, you need to specify the amount you want to bet, the horse you want to bet on, and the type of bet you want to make (win, place, or show). You can make WPS bets at the track, online, or through a betting app.


For example, let’s say you bet $10 on a horse to win, place, and show. If your horse wins, you’ll win the win, place, and show payouts. If your horse places, you’ll win the place and show payouts. And if your horse shows, you’ll win the show payout.


The payouts for WPS bets vary depending on the track, the race, and the number of horses in the race. In general, the payouts for WPS bets are as follows:

Bet TypePayout
WinThe amount you bet multiplied by the win odds
PlaceThe amount you bet multiplied by the place odds
ShowThe amount you bet multiplied by the show odds

WPS in Horse Racing: Betting on Win, Place, and Show

WPS (Win, Place, Show) is a popular bet type in horse racing that allows you to win if your horse finishes first (Win), second (Place), or third (Show) in the race. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Types of WPS Bets

  • Win: Your horse must finish first to win.
  • Place: Your horse must finish first or second to win.
  • Show: Your horse must finish first, second, or third to win.

How WPS Bets Work

* You can wager a WPS bet on a single horse or multiple horses in a race.
* Each horse in the race will have different odds for Win, Place, and Show.
* If your horse wins, you collect the Win odds.
* If your horse places, you collect the Place odds.
* If your horse shows, you collect the Show odds.

For example, if you bet $10 on a horse with odds of 5-1 for Win, 3-1 for Place, and 2-1 for Show:

* If your horse wins, you win $60 ($10 x 5).
* If your horse places, you win $40 ($10 x 3).
* If your horse shows, you win $30 ($10 x 2).

Handicapping for WPS Races

When handicapping for WPS races, it’s important to consider:

* The horse’s past performances, especially on the same track and distance.
* The jockey’s record and experience.
* The trainer’s record and experience.
* The horse’s post position and potential running style.
* The pace of the race and potential pace-setters.

By analyzing these factors, you can make informed decisions about which horses to bet on and which bets to place.

WPS Odds Table

The following table shows the potential payouts for different odds in WPS races:

OddsWin Payout ($1 bet)Place Payout ($1 bet)Show Payout ($1 bet)

Remember, WPS betting can be an exciting and potentially lucrative way to enjoy horse racing. By understanding the different bet types and handicapping factors, you can increase your chances of winning.
Well, horse racing fans, you now know the basics of WPS bets. Thanks for sticking with me until the end. I hope you found this article helpful. If you have any other questions about horse racing or betting, feel free to drop me a line. In the meantime, be sure to check out our other articles on horse racing. We’ve got everything you need to know to get started, from handicapping tips to track guides. So come on back and see us again soon!