what channel is horse racing on spectrum

For horse racing enthusiasts with access to Spectrum cable TV, the excitement of the track can be found on dedicated channels. The lineup may vary slightly depending on your specific location and subscription package, but generally, Spectrum offers a range of channels that cater to horse racing fans. These channels typically showcase live races from major tracks across the country, as well as replays, analysis, interviews, and other horse racing-related programming. By tuning in to these channels, Spectrum subscribers can stay up-to-date on the latest news from the racing world, follow their favorite jockeys and horses, and experience the thrill of live horse racing from the comfort of their homes.

Spectrum Cable Horse Racing Channels

Horse racing fans with Spectrum cable subscriptions can enjoy a wide range of coverage on various channels:

1. FS1 (Channel 542): Airs live races from the Breeders’ Cup, Kentucky Derby, and Preakness Stakes.

2. FS2 (Channel 543): Televises undercard races and expert analysis alongside FS1’s coverage.

3. TVG (Channel 528): A dedicated channel for horse racing, featuring races from tracks across North America.

4. TVG2 (Channel 529): Offers additional horse racing content, including replays and analysis.

5. HSN (Channel 532): Occasionally airs race replays and horse-related programming.

Note: Channel numbers may vary depending on your location and Spectrum package.

Spectrum Cable Horse Racing Channels
542FS1: Live races, major events
543FS2: Undercard races, expert analysis
528TVG: Dedicated horse racing channel
529TVG2: Additional horse racing content
532HSN: Occasional race replays, horse-related programming

Local Horse Racing Broadcasts on Spectrum

Horse racing enthusiasts can catch all the action on Spectrum, with a dedicated channel featuring live races and replays.

Channel Availability

  • Spectrum Channel: 272 (SD)
  • Spectrum Channel: 1272 (HD)

Race Coverage

Spectrum’s horse racing channel offers a wide variety of races, including:

  1. Thoroughbred
  2. Harness
  3. Quarter Horse
  4. Standardbred

Races are broadcast live from tracks across the country, providing viewers with access to top events and competitions.

Replays and Highlights

In addition to live coverage, the channel also features replays and highlights of past races, allowing viewers to catch up on missed events.

Interactive Features

Spectrum’s horse racing channel includes interactive features such as:

  • Race replays with multiple camera angles
  • Interactive racecards with detailed information on horses and jockeys
  • Expert commentary and analysis
Horse Racing Schedule
Monday1:00 PMThoroughbred Racing from Belmont Park
Tuesday7:00 PMHarness Racing from Yonkers Raceway
Wednesday8:00 PMQuarter Horse Racing from Los Alamitos Racecourse
Thursday9:00 PMStandardbred Racing from The Meadowlands
Friday1:00 PMThoroughbred Racing from Saratoga Race Course
Saturday12:00 PMBreeders’ Cup World Championships
Sunday2:00 PMKentucky Derby

Live Horse Racing on Spectrum

Spectrum subscribers can enjoy live horse racing coverage on several channels. Here’s a guide to the channels where you can watch your favorite races:

Main Channels

  • TVG (Channel 238)
  • TVG2 (Channel 239)
  • Horse Racing TV (Channel 240)
  • FanDuel TV (Channel 328)

Additional Channels

In addition to the main channels, Spectrum also offers a variety of additional channels dedicated to horse racing:

Channel NumberChannel Name
251-255TVG Regional Feeds
256Racing Post Live
257At the Races
258Bloodstock TV

Live Horse Racing Streaming

Spectrum subscribers can also stream live horse racing on their mobile devices, tablets, or computers through the Spectrum TV app. The app offers access to all of the live horse racing channels available on Spectrum. To stream live horse racing, simply:

  1. Download the Spectrum TV app.
  2. Sign in with your Spectrum username and password.
  3. Navigate to the “Sports” section.
  4. Select “Horse Racing” from the list of sports.
  5. Choose the race you want to watch.

**Horse Racing on Spectrum: Channels and Options**


* **FS1:** Live coverage of major horse races, including the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes.
* **FS2:** Additional live and recorded coverage of horse races.
* **TVG:** 24/7 dedicated horse racing channel.

**DVR and On Demand Horse Racing Options**


* **FS1 and FS2:** Record live horse races and watch them later.
* **TVG:** Offer a limited DVR feature for select races.

**On Demand**

* **FS1 and FS2:** Access past and upcoming horse races as video-on-demand.
* **TVG:** Extensive library of horse racing videos available on demand.

**Table of Available Channels and Options**

| Channel | Live Coverage | DVR | On Demand |
| FS1 | Yes | Yes | Yes |
| FS2 | Yes | Yes | Yes |
| TVG | 24/7 | Limited | Yes |


* Call Spectrum customer service to verify channel availability in your area.
* Check the TV listings for specific race schedules.
* Consider purchasing the TVG Racing Pass for access to premium horse racing content.
Well folks, there you have it! I hope you found this guide helpful in your quest to catch all the thrilling horse racing action on your Spectrum TV. Whether you’re a seasoned betting enthusiast or just looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon, I encourage you to tune in and experience the excitement firsthand. Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to check back soon for more updates and insider tips on the world of horse racing!